We are not trying re-invent the wheel, we simply want to share our beer we love with you

Niche, boutique, nano, minuscule, overgrown home brewery; regardless the label, we are thrilled to craft beers that we love.

People think you go into business to make as much money as possible. Money is nice; happiness in life is priceless. The reward of your daily “work” is a treasure most never know or understand. Previous work experience has shown us that money isn’t everything, hating your work life and dragging that home is a terrible thing for a family. We feel that inherent happiness in work will result in financial success. Organically allowing passion and interest to drive your business is a viable model in our opinion.

The intangibles are always a concern. We try to alleviate that by paying due concern to all things unknown or uncomfortable to us, being wise and humble enough to seek help when we need it. It may be a bit nostalgic but we celebrate the smallness and the blending of science and art. We believe that having a “neighborhood brewery” where people come to enjoy good beer, camaraderie and see what is available on any given day is a very viable concept. Our approach builds in flexibility with the product and marketing plan. It will allow us to build the best beers we can and stay focused on that. We will have flexibility to experiment and have a chance to be directly interactive with and interested in our customer base.

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Our Crew

Tony Meyer

Founder, Brewer

Tony is a founding member of DogBerry and it’s clear he simply loves good beer. After nearly two decades of brewing as a hobby, it was a dream come true to leave the rat race of scientific research behind and take on the challenge of opening DogBerry. For Tony, it has been an absolute honor and a very humbling experience to have the community support our efforts and enjoy the product he and Chris pour their heart and souls into.

Outside of DogBerry, Tony is a husband and father of three very active children. An avid outdoors man who loves baseball and at times just drinking a great beer while hanging out with his pooches! You can find Tony hanging out in the taproom and sharing a beer with everyone. If you see him, be sure to say hi!

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